Divorce & Your Health

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Divorce can be one of the toughest life-changing events anyone can experience. The toll it can take on your health can be immediate, and can start as soon as the divorce begins. It’s important to be aware of potential health problems during a divorce and you should also be aware of what you can do to prevent or treat them. One of the most serious problems among people getting a divorce is depression.

Getting a divorce can make existing health problems flare up, and it can also cause new health problems too. While some sleep disturbances and unhealthy choices are expected to occur during the course of a divorce, if you feel tired all day, can no longer do simple activities, feel hopeless, no longer enjoy anything you used to, or have thoughts of suicide, you may have serious depression issues. Although staying active and being active with others has been thought to stave off depression, the situation is usually more complicated than that.  If you think you have depression, you should see a mental health professional.

The stress of divorce can also manifest itself in bouts of anger, anxiety or substance abuse. All of these can deteriorate your health if they go unchecked long enough. Sometimes it is possible to reduce stress and some of the negative health manifestations by talking with someone close to you and taking some extra time for yourself. If you seem to be constantly getting stressed out by your responsibilities though, you should definitely ask for professional help. A marriage counselor, a member of the church or even your divorce attorney can be a good person to confide in. Physical exercise is also a proven way to decrease anxiety and stress, as well as reduce the incidence of alcohol and drug abuse. If your stress is out of control, stress management with the help of a mental health professional is the way to go.

Too much stress can also cause serious health problems that will show up much later, like cancer or heart disease. But overall, small health issues will become much worse if you don’t take care of yourself properly. Make sure you eat well, exercise and get adequate amounts of sleep. See your doctor on a regular basis to catch any potential health problems early. And again, talking with a psychologist or other mental health professional can only be beneficial to your physical and mental health overall.

Even though you may have to go through a divorce, your health doesn’t have to suffer because of it.  Remember to take some time out for yourself on occasion and be sure to keep up on daily hygiene. Divorce is never easy, the stress is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to get to the point of damaging yourself though. Learn to spot the signs of potential health trouble, so you can catch them before they become bigger problems.


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