How to get divorces from two different women at the same time

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I would like to learn how to go about obtaining a Divorce Attorney in AR that will be able to get divorces finalized from two different women at the same time. I know it sounds bad…but my first wife walked out on me around 7 years ago and I didn’t know where she had disappeared to, got involved with another after a while after she had left & got married to this woman on a “whim” without really thinking….a Las Vegas type of deal if you know what I mean? The second woman was than sent away to a prison somewhere in Texas. Believe that she is still there, but have not had any type of contact from her for 6 years now. This is a mess I know, that’s why I need to find a good attorney in order to help me straighten out this mess that I created with my STUPIDITY!



Wow, two wives to divorce at one time…it does sound like you will need a good attorney! If you do not already know of a good divorce lawyer in Arkansas, there are several ways to find one. The first thing many people do is to obtain the recommendations of friends and relatives who have found good attorneys in the past. If that is not possible, you can contact the Arkansas BAR Association for attorney referrals in your area. You can also find divorce attorneys in your area by simply going to the home page of this website ( and begin your search by typing your zip code into the “Find a Lawyer” search box at the top left. This will initiate a series of steps that will furnish you with the names of several divorce lawyers in your area. It doesn’t get much easier than that. – The Team

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