Divorcing my wife who doesn’t love me

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Hello,I reside in Hawaii. My wife wants to divorce me because of what I did in the past when we weren’t married yet. We got married in 03. I cheated on her when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend. So when we got married in 03, she got deployed to Iraq were she cheated with me with two guys. After she got back she didn’t tell me until 3 years after. She confessed. I cried, but forgave her. So life went on for another couple of years or so. She finally said she wants a divorce because she doesn’t love me anymore and that she can’t forget what I did in the past. That’s my take on this deal. I still love her though with all my heart. Oh, by the way we got a 7 year old daughter! Please give me a positive outcome! Thank You!!!



Wow. Your situation sounds rather complicated and there is no great answer here that will give you a “positive outcome.” If your relationship is salvageable, you might want to try some counseling or mediation before you throw in the towel completely. If you feel it is hopeless and divorce is unavoidable, try to think about your child and see what you might be able to do to to make her less of a victim in this circumstance. You may end up divorcing your wife, but you will still be a father for the rest of your life. – The Divorce.com Team

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