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Coping with the challenges and difficulties presented during a divorce can be a bit like waging a war. Your divorce is a conflict between two opposite camps and comes with all the negative baggage necessary for a heated battle. The conflict can raise feelings of anger, regret, remorse and depression. You’ll need ample resources to stay positive and use the divorce as an opportunity for growth. It takes a calm approach to handle the financial matters and complex legal issues raised during a divorce. Dependant children can make your task even more difficult as you try to shield them from the anger, conflict and upheaval of a divorce. The resource articles here can help you maintain a positive outlook and develop new coping skills during your divorce.

During a Divorce Articles

Divorce Law
Divorce laws govern the processes and rights concerning property, custody, support and alimony.

Divorce Court
State divorce courts will divide the debts and assets of a marriage as either community property or equitable property.

Getting Divorce
Aside from the length and cost, getting a divorce may result in a permanent lower standard of living for both parents and the children.

The effects of a complex contested divorce can be financially devastating and long-lasting too.

Child Divorce
Many parents are so overwhelmed by the process of divorce they sometimes fail to recognize that the children get overwhelmed too.

Marriage Divorce
The effects of divorce on children can last for decades, with major negative impacts showing up when the children reach their mid-20’s.

Divorce Decree
The decree is the divorce court’s formal order setting forth the terms and conditions that apply in the termination of your marriage.

Divorce Attorney
Competent divorce attorneys can make the ordeal of dealing with the legal issues a lot easier and allow you to focus your time and attention on other areas of the divorce.

Divorce Lawyer
Going to court without a good divorce lawyer can be a disastrous mistake that could affect your quality of life for many years to come.

Divorce rates have been on the rise in the United States for several decades now.

Divorce Papers
Individual state laws govern specific divorce paperwork requirements and can vary widely depending on the state in which you reside.

Divorce Children
A shift in American family structure has resulted in negative social and economic consequences for the children of divorce.

Fast Facts: Collaborative Law
The collaborative law process is more about maintaining a good relationship than it is about getting what you have coming to you.

Fast Facts: Hidden Assets
Because a divorce is very emotional and personal, people often try to hide assets in order to keep them away from their divorcing spouse.

Fast Facts: Contested Divorce
A contested divorce is when the parties cannot agree on a settlement.

Fast Facts: Child Support
Child support is the obligation of a non-custodial parent to pay a certain amount of money per child to a custodial parent.

Fast Facts: Spousal Support
Spousal support is also referred to as alimony, but is not to be confused with Child Support.

Fast Facts: Children and Divorce
Remember that love is unconditional. Love your children and make sure they know it.

Divorce Spouse
If problems concerning money and sexual intimacy are ignored in a relationship, the chances are good that the marriage will soon be in serious trouble.

Top 10 Divorce Personal Property Division Tips
Both spouses will save money by dividing as much personal property as possible by prior mutual agreement without involving the services of attorneys in the process.

Top 10 Reasons Marriages Fail
A lack of open communication jeopardizes a marriage more than specific problems facing the married couple.

Top 15 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating
If you have a gut feeling something is wrong – it probably is.

Top Ten Ways to Uncover a Cheating Spouse
The number one way to catch a cheating spouse may be to simply hire a private investigator that understands the surveillance laws in your area and is familiar with marital infidelity cases.

Divorce Finances
Once you have assembled and organized all of your financial documents it will be much easier to determine a clear picture of your current situation and will also allow you to create an effective budget plan for the future.

Divorce Mediation – A Lower Cost Alternative
Divorce mediation is a nice alternative to a divorce lawyer for quite a few reasons, most of them having to do with cost and convenience.

Top Five Ways That Money problems Cause Divorce

Recognizing the types of money problems that cause divorce is the best way to prevent divorce in the first place.

Temporary Divorce Orders
Temporary orders consist of legally binding guidelines that both you and your spouse must adhere to until the final divorce decree is ruled in a court.

When Hard Times Get Harder: Divorcing with an Upside Down House
Many people have the misconception that if their spouse simply provides them with title to the house that they will somehow be relieved from the joint mortgage.

Understanding the Difference – Fault and No-Fault Divorces
Before no-fault divorces were permitted, one spouse had to prove to a court that the other spouse had done something wrong. The usual grounds were adultery, abuse, abandonment or impotence. Fault divorces quickly turned into “blame” games.

The Most Difficult Type of Divorce – Divorcing with Children
Children will certainly not enjoy the process of divorce, but when both parties are in agreement as to specifics involving their children, it becomes a matter of time and routine before a functional structure is established.

Understanding Property Division in Your Divorce
Property division is one of the more complicated and arduous issues that arise as a result of divorce proceedings and includes not only the division of property but the division of debt as well.

Understanding Separation Agreements in Divorce
Similar to divorce papers, separation agreements are typically worked out between the two spouses, and they can helped along by a mediator. The courts will have final say over the separation agreement, and they will take care to enforce the agreed conditions.

Divorce & Your Health
Even though you may have to go through a divorce, your health doesn’t have to suffer because of it. 

Friendly Divorces
Children will be least impacted by a divorce if their parents can remain respectful to each other and behave in a civilized fashion during and after the split.

Divorce & Your Health
It’s important to be aware of potential health problems during a divorce and you should also be aware of what you can do to prevent or treat them.



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