Elin Nordegren Seeks $750 Million Divorce Settlement

Aug 8, 2012 by

It looks like more trouble ahead for the Tiger. Wife Elin Nordegren Woods has reportedly reassessed her position and is apparently not feeling too charitable toward her soon-to-be ex-husband, Tiger Woods. Reports have surfaced indicating that Elin has upped her settlement demands during divorce negotiations and is now asking for a whopping $750 million settlement package. Prior reports had estimated the settlement figure to be $500 million.

Reports in the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper say that Elin is also asking for full custody of the two children she and Tiger Woods have together. It had been observed that the couple were previously working together on a joint custody agreement, but now it looks like Elin’s patience has worn out and she wants the kids full-time for herself. It appears the couple is not speaking to each other at all after a spokesman for Tiger accused Elin’s London law firm as being the source of leaks about their relationship. There have been no indications coming from Tiger’s camp that he would fight Elin’s demands, although it has been reported that Tiger’s only demand is that Nordegren refrain from writing articles or books about their marriage and that she not do any media interviews on the subject either.


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