The Fall of the House of Usher

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The Fall of the House of Usher was a 1960 Vincent Price horror film about a family and home plagued with madness, criminal conduct and debauchery. A fast forward to Atlanta, Georgia 2009, to the current House of Usher, will reveal one Raymond Usher, similarly plagued, but only with debauchery at this time. The madness and criminal conduct might come later though.

Seems the R&B star’s love life is still traveling in the fast lane after a brief tour of married duty. After years of dating the hottest singers, models and other celebs-to-be, Mr. Usher Raymond tied the knot with stylist-turned-girlfriend, Tameka Foster in 2007.

The knot appears to have come untied now that Usher has filed a petition for divorce in Fulton County, Georgia and the matter is set for an upcoming July 15th hearing. In the petition, Usher claims the couple has lived apart for almost a year and that the marriage is irretrievably broken without hope of reasonable reconciliation. The Raymonds have two children from their two year marriage and it has been reported that even though the kids have been living with Tameka for the last year, Usher seeks joint custody of the children.

Tameka Raymond, eight years older than Usher and once his stylist, plans to contest the divorce within the next 30 days. Signs of trouble between Usher and Tameka first surfaced in 2008 after Mrs. Raymond was hospitalized following a heart attack while undergoing liposuction surgery in Brazil. At the time, Usher’s management company downplayed rumors of a marital divide and claimed all was well in the house of Usher.

Although Tameka’s divorce attorney claims her behavior has been that of a faithful and loving wife throughout the marriage, an examination of her husband’s past and very public, love life might yield a clue about his present inclinations. Prior to his marriage, Usher had been romantically linked to a string of top beauties including Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas (TLC), who claimed in 2004 that Usher’s cheating ways caused her to dump him. Usher’s strategy at the time was to counter Chilli’s allegations with new romantic relationships with British supermodel Naomi Campbell, model Eishia Brightwell and R&B singer Alicia Keys – just in case one wasn’t enough to make his point.

If the past holds any lessons for the future it would seem Mr. Usher Raymonds’ house is not falling so much as it is wandering, again.

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