Familiarity Breeds Divorce

Aug 8, 2012 by

The topic of divorce frequently focuses on the bad behavior of men whose bad behaviors and character flaws were to blame for the breakup of their marriage. It can be hard to deny when a man’s adultery, addictions and abuse ruin a marriage. However, women are not blameless in many breakups and can exhibit many of the same bad habits and behaviors as men. It is not always the overt acts that cause a divorce though, sometimes it is simply familiarity and the passage of time that can cause a couple to despise each other. When the slow creep of familiarity begins to breed contempt in a relationship, the end is never too far away.

Many of the reasons women begin to dislike their spouse are often related to sloth. A man who is too lazy to work, won’t participate in the relationship, can’t maintain a decent appearance and refuses to have sex, will not be an attractive mate for long. The stereotypical image of the husband as unshaven slob on the couch is all too familiar. The reasons men tire of their wives are usually not related to laziness, but more often are behaviors that turn a husband off. The behaviors that can create ex-wives are often the same traits that can prevent a marriage in the first place. When a woman begins to grind on a man and they are not yet a married couple, they probably won’t get married at all.

No one is perfect of course, but some people are definitely harder to live with than others. In the case of wives or wives-to-be, every man wants a beautiful and intelligent woman as a mate, but they don’t necessarily want one that will emphasize their husband’s faults and weaknesses. A woman with confidence is not the same as an egomaniacal woman who is overly opinionated and likes to exposes her mate’s intellectual weaknesses in front of others. This scenario is not conducive to lasting relationships.

Likewise for relationships with stubborn women who are always correct about everything and get angry when their mates don’t agree with absolutely everything they say and do. Men will avoid women who cannot accept ideas and opinions that aren’t their own and will not take any advice because it is always wrong. Add some issues of obsessive behavior into the mix and you’ve really got a mess. An obsessive wife with the compulsion to constantly disrupt the relationship can make any marriage a very miserable experience.

It takes two to tango, and both spouses are ultimately responsible for the health of their marriage, but slowly drifting apart over time due to the annoying small things in a relationship can be just as devastating as overt acts of irresponsibility or worse.


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