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I have filed for a divorce and sent a registered letter by mail, which came back unopened because he no longer lives at that address so my question is what’s the next step that I should take and if its running an add in the paper how should it be worded?



Normally, if you know where your spouse lives, a copy of the Arkansas divorce complaint and a summons must be personally delivered (by someone other than you) to your spouse. The defendant spouse has 20 days (30 days if living outside of Arkansas) of delivery of the complaint to file a written answer or response with the clerk’s office in the county where the divorce was filed. If your spouse does not answer the complaint within the time allowed,he will be in default and gives up the right to be notified or to participate in any hearings. Since you don’t know where he is living at the moment, you can contact your local sheriff and pay them (a small fee) to serve the complaint. You can also locate professional process servers in the Yellow Pages for your area. Either method will handle the “wording” of the notice for you. Do not attempt publication of the complaint by yourself unless you are directed to do so by your lawyer, the sheriff or the process server. – The Team

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