Fun Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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If you suspect your significant other may be leading a double life behind your back, the best course of action is to find out whether or not your suspicions are correct. Since voluntary admissions, lie detector tests and truth serums are unlikely to be offered or available anytime soon, you’ll have to get creative in order to catch your cheater. It doesn’t have to be a chore though, if your marriage has already soured to the point of lies and suspicion, why not just embrace the moment and have some fun with it? There is nothing that is quite as entertaining and rewarding as seeing the look on a cheater’s face when they know they have been caught red handed and have no room to wiggle out of the situation.

 Here are some entertaining methods of discovery you can use:
1. One of the oldest methods of checking up on a wayward spouse has always been hiring a private investigator to see exactly what goes on when you’re not around. It is not the most inexpensive option, but it is usually very effective, plus you’ll get to keep the entertaining and incriminating audio and video recordings when it’s all over.
2. Many two-timers have been tripped up because they forgot to take out the trash. That is, the incriminating trash. You never know what you’ll find in the trash can. Items like notes, phone numbers, bills and receipts can yield a lot of clues to your mate’s extracurricular activities.
3. Any computer your spouse uses regularly can be a great source of discovery. A thorough examination of the Internet browsing history will reveal websites that have been visited and which ones have been frequented the most. The nature of those websites can say a lot abut the person who visited them. If the computer’s history has been deleted you can take a copy of the hard drive to a specialist for examination. The resulting recovered items can prove to be very interesting reading. Don’t forget to examine the Deleted Items in all email folders too.
4. Your cheating spouse may delete the records of mysterious incoming phone calls on the home phone but you can still dial *69 to obtain the number of the last incoming call. If you put the number through a reverse phone number look-up search service (available online) you will have a name and address to go with it. A personal visit to the suspect address can be a fun activity too, especially when you find your spouse’s car parked in the driveway. Don’t forget to bring something sharp that is able to puncture tires.
5. An elaborate but effective trap can be set by hiring a decoy to see if your spouse responds to advances from a stranger. Using knowledge of your spouse’s preferences and weaknesses, place an irresistible advertisement for companionship on a message board or website that is frequented by your significant other.  If your spouse takes the bait, you can push the charade all the way up to an actual meeting with your decoy. You can add some real fireworks to the situation if you show up for the meeting too.
6. Examine all incoming bills for odd charges that can yield clues to nefarious activities. All documents arriving in the mail are fair game for spouses living in the same residence and unexplained bills for travel, meals and hotel rooms are dead giveaways. Shrinking bank deposits can indicate someone is paying bills in cash to avoid incriminating credit card charges.
7. Employ your online sleuthing skills to see if your spouse is living another life as an “available single” on the Internet. Check out the member listings at social media websites like MySpace and Facebook and don’t forget the popular dating websites too. You might find your spouse has created online profiles designed to attract the opposite sex for dating or other extra-marital activities. “HotForYou007″ could be living in your house.
8. Text messaging is a favorite method of silent communication between illicit partners. Despite attempts to cover the evidence, records of deleted data including text messages remain buried deep within the SIM card of a mobile phone. If you can borrow your spouse’s phone for a while, you can recover those deleted titillating texts with the help of a data recovery service. Don’t forget to look at the deleted photos on your spouse’s phone too, as many times a picture is worth a thousand words”¦or characters in this case.
9. Depending on the laws in your state, you may be able to tape record all phone calls to and from your residential phone. In states where recorded evidence cannot be used in court, the information gained can be useful in itself. Even if the recordings are not admissible in court, they often make for fun listening and can be used as leverage by your attorney in negotiations.


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