Gay Activists Call for Immediate Response Following Decision on Prop 8

Aug 8, 2012 by

“Win or lose, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community & our allies must respond immediately to the forthcoming California Supreme Court decision on whether to invalidate Proposition 8,” says veteran activist Robin Tyler, who, with her wife, Diane Olson, were the first plaintiffs in the original landmark lawsuit to win marriage for same-sex couples in California. Tyler & Olson are also petitioners in the current legal challenge against Proposition 8.

Tyler and her co-organizer, Andy Thayer have called for “Day of Decision” actions the night the court releases its decision. Both have been involved in organizing hundreds of local protests across the country, and Tyler has worked on organizing all 4 LGBT marches on Washington.

National groups including, Join the Impact, Centerlink, (the National Association of LGBT Community centers), Metropolitan Community Churches & others have signed on to help organize across the nation.

“We’ve seen a tremendous outpouring from LGBT and allied individuals and organizations who wanted to join together in unity the night of the decision regardless of the outcome,” said Tyler,

The court is required by law to announce its decision no later than 90 days after the March 5th oral arguments (June 3) but could do so sooner. The court will provide notice 24-hours in advance of issuing its ruling. That evening, actions across the country to either protest a decision that upholds Prop. 8 or that celebrates the invalidation of Prop. 8 will take place. This has become a national issue because if Prop. 8 is upheld, it will be the first time in American history that a recognized minority group will be taken out of a constitution.

“We will not consider it a victory if Prop. 8 is upheld while existing marriages are allowed to stand,” said Tyler, whose marriage to Diane Olson would be upheld in such a scenario. “As a community, we can only advance as one. Offering special treatment for some community members while taking rights away from the rest is completely unacceptable.”

To help organize Day of Decision actions, visit: If you are currently organizing a Day of Decision action, please include your event on the website so we can refer people in your area to your event.

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