If there are no grounds for divorce, what would be the best thing to do in my case?

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If there are no grounds for divorce, what would be the best thing to do in my case?

New York


New York state does not allow no-fault divorces as you probably know. “Irreconcilable differences” is not an allowed grounds for divorce in New York and you must choose between the grounds that are available: cruel and inhuman treatment, abandonment, three years of imprisonment or adultery. If your particular situation does not meet one of those requirements, your best bet might be to go for a “divorce after separation.” This would require you to create a separation agreement with your spouse or seek a court-ordered judicial separation. Once the separation agreement is created and you have lived separate and apart for at least one year, you do not need to have a specific grounds for divorce other than the separation. The separation agreement itself (after living apart for a year) will become the grounds for the divorce at that point. It might seem like a long route to your goal, but in New York, that’s the situation. – The Divorce.com Team

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