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My wife has been taking medications over the past few years to include Xanax and Lexapro. She also had a hysterectomy in Sept. 2008 so she was on hormone replacement and she has a low thyroid so she was taking medication for that. This past July 4th weekend, she had a religous conversion and has stopped taking all of her meds, cut them off cold turkey. She has turned completely “cold” towards me. There hasn’t been any intimacy since a couple of weeks before the 4th. It is now Sept. 5th (4 days before our anniversary). Her reasons for the lack of intimacy (and I am not just talking about a sexual relationship, there is no hugging, hardly any touching, and when I do kiss her it’s like kissing a doll or a dead fish) is that she is concentrating on building her relationship with God. I am also a Christian, but some of her thinking and beliefs are not in line with Biblical Christianity, in fact I consider them blasphemous. Her daughters (ages 22 and 24) also have real problems with her to the point of telling her that “you are not my mom, I don’t know who you are”. As a Christian I know that Divorce is only acceptable when there is sexual immorality commited by one of the persons. I guess my question is, What grounds can I use to disolve the marriage? She is making me miserable, I really believe she has true mental problems, she has distanced herself from me, and it feels like I am living with a roommate. She recently has been sleeping on the couch because she says that our room is too warm, you can hang meat in our bedroom. Yesterday I received the proceeds from a sale of a property that was willed to me by my grandmother. I opened a savings account in my name, then informed the wife what I did. She pretty much guilted me into going to the bank with her this morning to add her to the account. While there, the banker commented on her nice ring, it was not the ring I put on her ring finger on our wedding day, it was something she bought off HSN. She would never take off that ring in the past. She blamed me because last night we fought about the fact that she is wearing some other ring closer to her heart, then her wedding ring. I commented that she may as well take off the wedding ring because that finger is “designed” to hold only one type of ring. Speaking of the Home Shopping Network, I received 16,000 dollars from my employer to move to Arkansas back at the beginning of July. She has burned thru that to where we have been in the negative for the last few weeks. HELP! (AR)



Wow! You have a lot going on. I think you already know that I am going to tell you that adding your wife to the inheritance account was not wise. However, in many states, if you can “trace” money that you inherited, a court will continue to view it as separate property. DO NOT COMMINGLE THE INHERITED MONEY ACCOUNT WITH YOUR OTHER MONEY. Also, it sounds like you are concerned about the debt that your wife is running up. The sooner you file for divorce, the sooner you can get restraining orders against that type of behavior. My advice is to find a qualified attorney in your state and begin proceedings immediately to protect your financial interests. – Wendy Jaffe, ESQ.

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