Abusive and Dangerous Husband

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I left my abusive husband after 2 years of marriage and 2 kids.
when i went into the shelter he kept showing up and beating me while i was pregnant with his second child.He then filed for divorce and restraining orders against me even though i have police reports and hospital records. He beat almost everyday so even though i signed a paper from court saying that i would not leave the state with the child which i did, they took my child from me the very child that he burnt and i have pictures and records of and gave him temporary emergency custody to him and he will beat her and i don’t even know. I want to visit her but i am so fearful that he might kill me if i go back what are my chances of being able to see her without being scared of him or having to confront him? Is there anything i can do legally to see her or check on her. Do i have a chance of gaining her sole custody as well as her other sister even though i violated a court order and fled the state because i feared for our safety. Does it also set me back to be a non-citizen yet but a green card holder and he is a citizen or he is white and i am black.



It definitely sounds like you need a lawyer. If you can’t afford to hire an attorney, Ohio has legal aid society offices in most counties that specialize in serving the civil, or non-criminal, legal needs of the poor. Legal aid societies can help people with a variety of legal issues that, for example, may center around domestic violence, housing issues, consumer and even though there are not legal aid offices in every county, all Ohio residents can be served out of a nearby county. To find the nearest legal aid office, call 1-866-529-6446 or visit the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation Web site (www.ohiolegalservices.org). – The Divorce.com Team

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