Hollywood’s Good Divorce

Aug 8, 2012 by

Following an endless parade of bitter celebrity divorces in the news lately, once in a while there is a Hollywood divorce that seems to make sense. Even a celebrity divorce can be settled without turmoil if both spouses are reasonable and in agreement on the situation.

To prove the point, Illusion Milan quietly filed for a divorce in Los Angeles court recently. Illusion is the wife of Cesar Milan, the star of the hit TV show, The Dog Whisperer. Illusion filed citing unspecified irreconcilable differences between the couple and is seeking primary physical custody of their two kids, Andre and Calvin. Illusion will seek spousal support and Cesar will enjoy visitation with the kids after the split.

Cesar even posted a note to his fans on his website saying the couple would split, but would still remain friends:

“We are sad to announce that after 16 years of marriage we have decided to file for divorce. The decision was made after much consideration and time. We remain caring friends, and are fully committed to the co-parenting of our two boys.”

The fact that a Hollywood couple like the Milan’s can get divorced without a bitter battle and scandalous fanfare gives hope to the rest of the population who might be considering a divorce but were afraid of the negative fallout. Divorce does not always have to be a messy and anger-filled event. When a couple is in basic agreement and want to divorce with as little hassle as possible, an uncontested divorce can be a fairly smooth and simple affair. Even if you’re a TV star living in California.

Cesar Milan became a US citizen in 2009 after honing his dog training skills working in a dog grooming store. His TV show has been aired in more than eighty countries worldwide. Milan has also authored three books that all made the New York Times best sellers list.

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