How Does Your City Rank for Divorce?

Aug 8, 2012 by

A recent article in Men’s Health magazine has ranked 100 U.S. metropolitan areas according to their prospects for divorce. The magazine analyzed the rates of failed marriages, the divorce laws, the percentages of those divorced, and the number of licensed marriage and family therapists in each city. The magazine’s results roughly mirror data from the U.S. government’s National Center for Health Statistics that shows some urban areas definitely experience more divorces than others.

According to the magazine, the U.S. cities where residents are most likely to get divorced were Reno, Nevada, followed by Little Rock, Arkansas, Charlotte, North Carolina and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The National Center for Health Statistics data concurred, showing that the states with the highest divorce rates were Nevada, Arkansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Using an alphabetical grading scale, the magazine gave A’s to the cities where divorces were least likely to occur and D’s to the cities with the most probability of divorce. Check the list to see how your city rates.

Best & Worst Cities for Divorce (in alphabetical order) ;

Grade         City

D         Akron, OH
C         Albuquerque, NM
A         Anaheim, CA
C         Anchorage, AK
B         Arlington, TX
F         Atlanta, GA
D         Aurora, CO
C         Austin, TX
B         Bakersfield, CA
C         Baltimore, MD
B         Baton Rouge, LA
D         Birmingham, AL
C         Boston, MA
C         Buffalo, NY
C         Chandler, AZ
B         Charlotte, NC
B         Chesapeake, VA
B         Chicago, IL
C         Cincinnati, OH
D         Cleveland, OH
D         Colorado Springs, CO
D         Columbus, OH
B         Corpus Christi, TX
D         Dallas, TX
F         Denver, CO
B         Des Moines, IA
C         Detroit, MI
B         El Paso, TX
D         Fort Wayne, IN
D         Fort Worth, TX
A         Fremont, CA
A         Fresno, CA
A         Garland, TX
C         Glendale, AZ
A         Glendale, CA
B         Grand Rapids, MI
B         Greensboro, NC
D         Henderson, NV
B         Hialeah, FL
B         Honolulu, HI
B         Houston , TX
D         Indianapolis, IN
B         Irving, TX
B         Jacksonville, FL
A         Jersey City, NJ
F         Kansas City, MO
D         Las Vegas, NV
B         Lexington, KY
A         Lincoln, NE
B         Long Beach, CA
A         Los Angeles, CA
D         Louisville, KY
B         Lubbock, TX
A         Madison, WI
C         Memphis, TN
B         Mesa, AZ
D         Miami, FL
B         Milwaukee, WI
C         Minneapolis, MN
B         Modesto, CA
C         Montgomery, AL
D         Nashville, TN
B         Newark, NJ
B         New Orleans, LA
A         New York, NY
C         Norfolk, VA
C         Oakland, CA
D         Oklahoma City, OK
B         Omaha, NE
B         Philadelphia, PA
D         Phoenix, AZ
B         Pittsburgh, PA
B         Plano, TX
C         Portland, OR
A         Raleigh, NC
C         Richmond, VA
C         Riverside, CA
C         Rochester, NY
D         Sacramento, CA
F         St. Louis, MO
B         St. Paul, MN
D         St. Petersburg, FL
B         San Antonio, TX
B         San Diego, CA
B         San Francisco, CA
A         San Jose, CA
A         Santa Ana, CA
F         Scottsdale, AZ
B         Seattle, WA
B         Shreveport, LA
C         Spokane, WA
A         Stockton, CA
D         Tacoma, WA
F         Tampa, FL
D         Toledo, OH
D         Tucson, AZ
D         Tulsa, OK
C         Virginia Beach, VA
C         Washington, DC
D         Wichita, KS
A         Yonkers, NY


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