If my husband leaves the country will I get alimony?

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My husband is treating to leave the county(Brazil) so he does’nt have to pay my spousal support of $1750.00 per month! We were married 23 years! Can he flee! Thanks



Your husband can flee the country and will not be extradited for unpaid alimony . However, his failure to pay alimony here in the USA can lead to contempt of court charges, fines, notices on his credit report and liens against any of his assets in this country – all of which will be waiting for him should he ever return to the United States in the future. Just because he moves to a different country doesn’t mean he can get away with failure to pay alimony forever. 

In the past, it has been mostly men who had to write alimony checks, so much so that you’ll see it as a popular theme in many old sitcoms. These days, with more equality in the workplace, sex shouldn’t determine who pays and to whom. The receiving party must pay taxes on alimony. The party who writes the check can take the amount as a deduction. You’ll want to check your local tax laws for the finer details. The judge will usually set  a finite length of time and circumstances for alimony payments. If a spouse gets remarried or gets a better paying job, the judge may end the payments. Alimony is not punishment, it’s money to help the less fortunate spouse maintain their standard of living. – The Divorce.com Team

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