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I live in Florida. husband moved to IN last week, and now says he has to wait 3 mths to establish residency before he can start a divorce. The mortgage has not been paid since May, nor the equity. He gives me $100/week for our daughter. He says that he will initate the divorce as long as I stick to the $100 and take on half his credit card debt. If he starts a divorce up there would I be made to go there for court. Would it be better if i initiated it?? Any info would be appreciated. I do not have the money to pay for a lawyer.



Something sounds a bit fishy with your husband’s offer. It could cost you more time, money and trouble if you wait for him to file in his new state of residence. It might be more advantageous for you to initiate the divorce in your own state of Florida right now.

If you have lived in the State of Florida for a minimum of six months you can file for divorce on the grounds that your marriage is irretrievably broken beyond repair. Every state treats divorce differently and Florida laws are not the easiest to navigate on you own, however the Supreme Court of Florida does publish documents online for people representing themselves at:

Another good place to get legal help is the Florida State Bar Association. The BAR in your county will have a referral service that provides legal representation for people with limited incomes. The Florida BAR also has family law attorneys listed at:

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