I would like to divorce my wife but only if she doesn’t get anything. How do I know what she will get?

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I want to divorce my wife. But I won’t do it if she is going to get anything. How will I know what I am going to lose…



 Thank you for your question. I can give you only a general answer to your question because what you are required to pay your spouse in a divorce differs between states. But in many states, property acquired during the marriage may be split up to 50/50. If you have minor children, you would likely have to pay some child support, and if your spouse’s income is substantially below yours, you might have to pay spousal support. If you contact an attorney and describe your assets, your income, your spouse’s income and the amount of time that you have been married, they may be able to give you a ballpark on how much you would “lose” in a divorce. Of course, if you entered into a pre-nuptial agreement before you married, the pre-nuptial agreement will state what you will “lose.”

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