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From the Daily Mail in the UK comes news that a group of family lawyers has created a new iPhone application offering legal advice and guidance to people contemplating divorce in Britain. The phone application program sells for £9 (about $16 U.S.) and is titled Divorce? – A Comprehensive Guide to Divorce in England and Wales. The application features chapters and sections that claim it will intuitively guide users through the many different options available if their marriage or relationship is falling apart and a divorce is already looming on the horizon. The “Divorce?” application has various chapters devoted to the different aspects of getting through a divorce process. One chapter explains how to begin applying for a divorce, other sections talk about children, financial issues, choosing an attorney and setting out budgets.

The Divorce? program can be downloaded to any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and is already available in Apple’s UK AppStore. Not everyone is thrilled with the new divorce application though; family groups in Britain have criticized it for trivializing the serious issues of both marriage and divorce. Stephen Green, from the group Christian Voice, was quoted in the UK Guardian as saying “It could encourage divorce by normalizing the decision, making it seem as easy to make as any other lifestyle choice and it could also deter the other partner from fighting to save their marriage.”

 The Comprehensive Guide to Divorce in England and Wales IPhone program was released on the heels of the news that the number of divorces in England and Wales had dropped by 6.4 % in 2009 compared with the year before. Divorces were down from 121,708 in 2008 to 113,949 in 2009. The drop reflected the lowest UK divorce total in 35 years and was the sixth consecutive year that the overall number of divorces in the UK had fallen from the record high number of 153,065 divorces in 2003. Some have suggested that there are fewer divorces because fewer couples are choosing to get married and the couples that do may be more likely to stay together than they might have in the past. There is also the financial reality that the recent weakened economy in the UK has caused unhappy couples to stay together longer instead of getting divorced because they simply cannot afford to split up today.

Actual purchasers of the “Divorce?” application seem to be happy with the program. Users have said the program explains the divorce process in a way that is easy to understand instead of spending multiple costly hours going over the same basic information with a lawyer. Users have commented that the application does makes it very clear that while users should probably consult with a lawyer at some point, they will probably need to spend far less time with them because they have already studied up on everything. If the application lives up to its claim of providing down to earth, realistic advice, and purchasers realize up front it is not a catch-all solution for a quick divorce, everyone should be happy at the end of the day. There is no word on when the application might be sold in the U.S. at this time.


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