Jesse James Cries Foul Over Character Issues

Aug 8, 2012 by

Jesse James is involved in a civil lawsuit that has nothing to do with his recent cheating adventures and subsequent divorce plans, but the trial’s jury selection process is beginning to show that like most of the American public, potential jurors in the case seem to have a bit of pre-existing bias.

According to the suit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, James is being sued by manufacturer Fortune Fashion Industries over a planned clothing line for retailer Walmart. James is accused of cutting his partner out of the deal, renaming the line after himself and selling the clothes at Wal-Mart on his own.  

James’s lawyer, Joe Yanny, has asked the judge in the case to prohibit anything related to Nazi memorabilia, Sandra Bullock, or anything else that refers to Jesse being “a hated man” to be introduced in the trial. Yanny’s motion also asked the judge to exclude any evidence or mention of Jesse’s sexual history and anything to do with subject of adoption. His attorney has requested a ban on a laundry list of specific words or phrases including Nazi or Nazis, and “the most hated man in America,” as well as the terms monster, skin head, racist, homophobe, prostitute, cheating, cheater and of course, Bombshell McGee.

The judge did rule that Jesse’s personal issues and alleged affairs cannot be mentioned during the trial, but the subjects can be brought up during jury selection to determine if potential jurors have existing bias. Apparently they do and the prospective jurors are speaking out on the subjects of cheating and divorce. James’s lawyer has complained that people on the jury panel have shown prejudice, “over totally unrelated issues and mostly untrue accusations.”

Attorney Yanny added that so many prospective jurors are talking about what they’ve seen in the media that Jesse is going to have a really difficult time getting an impartial jury. Several panelists have admitted that the numerous stories about James’s infidelity have made it hard to be impartial and give him a fair shake in the case. One was quoted as saying “I have a strong opinion about cheating on someone, my parents are divorced.”  Another prospective juror said he was a Christian “and I’m all for doing what’s right and forgiving someone.” It appears Jesse is in for a bit of rough road when the case goes to trial later this month.


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