Keeping Score in Tiger Woods Divorce

Aug 8, 2012 by

The first publication to report on Tiger Woods’ affairs just days before he crashed his car on that fateful Thanksgiving night, says his wife, Elin Nordegren, is in the process of signing divorce papers after learning the golfer confessed to having sex with at least 120 different women during his sex addiction therapy. The National Enquirer reports that Nordegren has officially decided to sign divorce papers and that she may be seeking a $500 million settlement.

According to Enquirer reports, Woods listed all the women he had affairs with as part of his treatment for sex addiction at the Gentle Path rehabilitation center in Mississippi, but allegedly left one important person off the list. The paper reported Nordegren decided to throw in the towel after learning Tiger had seduced the girl next-door, 21-year-old neighbor Raychel Coudriet sometime last year and reportedly did not include her on his list of conquests.

Although the disgraced golfer confessed to having sex with at least 120 women during the five years he was married to Nordegren, one of his mistresses claims Woods has greatly understated the number of women he slept with. Porn star Joslyn James, one of Tiger’s many confirmed conquests, has been quoted as saying “I bet it’s 500 or more.”

The National Enquirer reported that Nordegren could be heard screaming “That’s it…I’m divorcing you!” over Woods’ cell phone as he dined with friends after the Masters tournament earlier in April. Sources said Nordegren was screaming so loudly everyone at the table could hear her. The Enquirer has been instrumental in documenting the ongoing Tiger Woods debacle. The paper was first to name Rachel Uchitel as a mistress and went on to publish the claims of multiple porn stars and self-described cougars. It may take a while before the paper can uncover the names of all ten dozen mistresses on Tiger’s complete list though.


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