Larry King Divorce May Still Be On

Aug 8, 2012 by

When we last visited the topic of Larry King’s marriage, the CNN reporter and his wife Shawn had announced they were setting their impending divorce aside and that “We owe it to ourselves and our children to continue being dedicated to each other.” Now, it seems the split may be back on the front burner after Shawn’s recent drug overdose that many observers say was a suicide attempt.

Whatever the truth is, property division issues now seem to be the main bone of contention in their rocky relationship. Neither King has withdrawn their original divorce petition and now it appears Larry’s lawyers have submitted a proposal for a new division of property.

It has long been rumored that Larry gave the deeds to the couple’s several homes to Shawn exclusively a few years ago.  After his alleged infidelities with Shawn’s sister surfaced, King put the houses in Shawn’s name only. However, Larry must not be feeling quite as guilty as he did before and his latest proposal is reported to be an attempt to undo those prior property split agreements.

Insiders say there will be no divorce while Shawn recovers from her overdose, but whether or not she becomes his eighth ex-wife now depends how much money Larry will lose in the process. It is reported that new property division proposal did not sit too well with Shawn, and she is not giving in just yet. Who knows? Maybe a lack of money will actually save this marriage, if Larry will lose too much in the divorce he might just have to stay married until he can come up with a better deal.


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