Life & Death Divorce

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A greedy Long Island mom who didn’t feel like haggling over her divorce and instead hatched a plot to take it all by force received an unpleasant surprise in criminal court recently. The judge in a Nassau County, New York courtroom summed up the situation when he said “She didn’t want a divorce by consent decree, she wanted a divorce by murder.”

Susan and husband Peter Williams were already embroiled in a bitter divorce battle before she came up with the plan that would earn her up to 25 years in jail. Susan Williams made up stories in divorce court when she accused her husband of abusing her and their four children as well as forcing her to have deviate sex. The divorce was still in process when she came up with a plan to finalize things by hiring a hit man to kill her husband. The only problem was, the $20,000 hit man she hired was actually an undercover Nassau County policeman.

Susan Williams made preparations for her husband’s death by forging her husband’s signature on a $1 million life insurance policy that ensured she would receive a big payday when he died. Jurors heard testimony that Williams also began to practice acting shocked when she would be told about her husband’s death. Nassau County Judge Norman St. George cited the fact that Williams never showed any remorse for her crime and was seen laughing at the prospect of her husband’s death on surveillance footage when he handed down the maximum sentence.

Despite a surprising show of support from her four children in the courtroom, Judge St. George gave Williams a sentence of 8 years and 4 months up to 25 years for the foiled plot. Williams did not apologize to her husband and instead asked only to apologize to her parents and children, saying “I would like to explain how I came to be sitting here today, but I can’t. I have no explanation.”


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