Can I make a stipulation that my husband can’t keep my step son from seeing me after our divorce?

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Can I make a stipulation that my husband can’t keep my step son from seeing me after our divorce.. Since I have been his primary provider for seven years.. His birth mother has not seen him since he was 6 years old and he is 14 now.



Since you are not the birth mother of the child, it will help if the child in question chooses to spend time with you. The Oklahoma legislature passed a law in 2002 giving children age 12 or older more input in custody and visitation decisions. The statute says judges decide if the best interests of a child are served by that child’s own choices and if not, why not.  The matter will almost certainly be decided by the court unless you and your ex can work out an agreement beforehand that is approved by all parties involved including the child.

Oklahoma law requires those involved in custody decisions to attend divorce education seminars. The 4-hour seminars cover many areas of the impact of parenting and the responsibility for children. Contact your local County Court Clerk’s Office for more information or visit

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