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Aug 8, 2012 by

A few weeks ago we examined a new iPhone application called “Divorce Cost and Prep” created by Dallas Attorney Michelle O’Neill and Fort Worth CPA Bryan Rice. Their divorce app was aimed at helping divorcing couples assess the monetary costs associated with the dissolution of a marriage. The $9.99 divorce cost and prep app helped users estimate their divorce expenses without having to pay an accountant or attorney to do the same thing.

Now it appears O’Neill and Price have now introduced another new $9.99 iPhone divorce-related application called “Estate Divider” that, according to O’Neill and Price, “allows a party to a divorce to summarize the values of all the components of the marital estate in a simple, user friendly format, allocate the assets between spouses, input the proposed division of the estate, and calculate a monthly alimony payment or cash payment needed to settle the property division issues.”

So far, O’Neill and Price have confined their divorce apps to the realm of simple no-fault, uncontested divorces where the spouses are in basic agreement and there are no additional difficulties to resolve, like dependent children involved in the split. However, that situation looks like it will be changing soon as O’Neill and Price have announced that they are currently working on two more new iPhone divorce apps that will tackle the more complicated issues of divorce. The new apps currently under development are the “Child Possession Calendar” and the “Child Support Calculator.”  We wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days someone markets a divorce-related iPhone app that can replace your divorce attorney too. We’ll be ready to review the “RoBoAttorney” app just as soon as it comes out.


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