More Facebook Divorce Danger

Aug 8, 2012 by

Loyola University in Chicago issued a press release that adds more fuel to the Facebook infidelity fire warning married couples that if they want to protect their marriages, they should definitely stay away from Facebook.

The divorce dangers Facebook present have been evident for a while now. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers made news a few years ago when it pointed out that nearly 80 percent of its member lawyers were using social networking sites to gather evidence in divorce cases. With or without the help of Facebook tearing up relationships, the U.S. divorce rate for first marriages is over 40 percent. For second marriages it is around 60 percent and nearly three-quarters of all third marriages end in divorce.

The clinical psychologists at Loyola say money and intimacy problems are no longer the main reasons for divorce in the U.S., and that Facebook alone is now responsible for 20% of the divorces in the United States. Divorce experts believe many of the Facebook connections that cross the line to extramarital affairs are not intentional, but begin out of curiosity. When the interactions with old friends and former love interests are done in stealth is when they begin to cause problems.

It doesn’t seem unusual for a spouse to locate an old friend or someone that they dated on Facebook and decide to catch up on where that person is and how they’re doing. But the innocent connections could put a dent in the emotional availability and emotional intimacy of the existing marriage relationship and eventually weaken the emotional connections. Single people use social networking to meet people with compatible dating interests and married people can easily fall victim to the same attraction and meet someone who might be more compatible than their existing spouse.

Many divorce counselors now suggest that married couples really don’t need Facebook and should avoid it altogether, especially if they had a romantic relationship before they got married in high school or college. While cell phones and secret rendezvous have always been responsible for a lot of marital infidelity, it appears chatting with old acquaintances on Facebook can be just as dangerous.


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