Most Expensive Divorces

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Messy and expensive are two words that come to mind whenever celebrity divorces are mentioned. Celebrity divorce gossip in the news is even juicier when it involves millions of dollars. Most Hollywood divorces have drawn huge audiences because people always enjoy watching a slow-motion train wreck, however, when it comes to the most costly celebrity splits, it may be the high-profile, professional athletes and their spouses that provide the most expensive divorce court entertainment.

Even though many famous athletes did get their spouses to sign prenuptial agreements before they tied the knot, due to their infidelities, they still lost a fortune after the dust had settled. Anyone with significant fame and assets like most sport celebrities have, would obviously be well-advised to consider a prenup agreement before they get married. However, when it comes to infidelity in a marriage, sometimes even the strongest prenups can be broken down in the courtroom. When it comes to the rich and famous, even a prenup cannot guarantee that a divorce won’t end up costing millions.

For example, here are several professional athletes that definitely learned their divorce lessons the hard way:

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods’ six-year marriage with Elin Nordegren came to a crashing end when he wrecked his SUV at the Woods home on Thanksgiving 2009. What followed was a string of women in the news alleging they had affairs with Tiger. Tiger’s amorous extracurricular activities ended up costing him a number of valuable product endorsements and a $100 million settlement to Nordegren.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan earned an estimated $350 million on the basketball court and millions more through product endorsements and successful business ventures before his off-court antics earned him a divorce from his wife Juanita Vanoy in 1989. Jordan paid her a settlement estimated at $168 million as well as the keys to their Chicago-area home in what was the largest celebrity divorce settlement on record at the time.

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong married Kristin Richard before he became an elite cyclist with four Tour de France titles. After five years of marriage and three children, Lance’s wealth and notoriety cost him $14 million when it came time to untie the knot.

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez has been one of the most famous sluggers in baseball, earning a $275 million salary over the course of 10 years. His marriage to Cynthia Scurtis in 2003 produced two daughters and a stretch of marital strife. When a gaggle of women later hinted at affairs with A-Rod, divorce papers were filed and Scurtis demanded half of all assets and the couple’s $12 million waterfront home in Florida, as well as enough money to maintain her lavish standard of living.

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant never signed a prenuptial agreement, but his multiple infidelities made his wife Vanessa entitled to at least half of his entire estimated $150 million estate. Because their marriage made it to the 10-year mark, Vanessa is also entitled to permanent spousal support in order to maintain her standard of living.


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