No Fault Divorce

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What is a No Fault Divorce?

This is a divorce where neither party is required to show “fault” in order to get a divorce. In the past, all states required “grounds” for divorce such as adultery, abuse, or abandonment. In 1970, California became the first state to eliminate this requirement thus making it the first “No Fault” state.

What are the No Fault States?

All states now allow for a no fault divorce but each has it’s own requirements for doing so. Some will still ask for “grounds” but this can be as simple as stating that you have “irreconcilable differences.”

Does the No Fault Ruling Make it Too Easy To Get a Divorce?

There has been an increase in the number of divorces since the No Fault rule was applied but there’s an upside as well. No fault makes it easier for people to get out of abusive marriages, it lessens the conflict during the divorce proceeding and has reduced the number of cases in an overloaded court system.

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