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My friend has been legally separated from his wife for over 1 year but she keeps contesting the divorce. Earlier this year she called her lawyer and told the lawyer they had intercourse, which is not true, and her attorney told his attorney. I was told that when this happens, in the state of North Carolina, its another one year waiting period. Well now she has gone to boot camp, she enlisted in the Army. Is it possible for him to still get his divorce. My understanding is he has fulfilled the legal requirements to get a divorce in this state so shouldn’t he be able to get his divorce whether it’s contested or not? His lawyer told him that all of the paperwork has to be redone and it’s going to cost him $350.00

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No one likes to waste money, but in the grand scheme of life and divorces, $350 is not a huge loss, especially if it motivates your friend to complete the divorce and be done with his devious spouse. North Carolina does allow no-fault divorces based on a year of absence without cohabitation. Now would be a good time to re-file and complete the divorce. – The Team

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