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You can’t get married online yet, but you can almost get a complete divorce online. Today, you can gather and complete all the paperwork and documents necessary to file for divorce, online. If you have a simple, uncontested divorce without the complications of children involved in the split, you can wrap up the paperwork of your divorce online for around $300 and all you’ll have left to do is to file the documents with the court. If you live in a county that accepts divorce filings by mail or FAX, it is possible to get divorced without ever having to go to see a lawyer or set foot in a courthouse.

Since divorce laws in the U.S. are state-specific, the better online divorce services will offer guaranteed accurate state-specific forms and instructions instead of generic forms that may or may not be accepted in your jurisdiction. Online divorce services are not law firms however, and are prohibited by law from offering legal advice and cannot tell clients if they should get divorced. They are document preparation services that tell you how to get divorced.

If you know exactly what you want do, an online divorce service can tell you exactly how to do it. The services are not designed for people who are fighting over their divorce, but for people who are in basic agreement and want to divorce with as little hassle and expense as possible. In cases where there are complex issues concerning child custody or large amounts of assets to divide, online divorce services may refer clients to divorce attorneys. But the real attraction is their ability to deliver thousands of dollars in savings compared to the cost of an in-court divorce with legal representation. The typical divorce lawyer charges over $200 per hour. The typical online divorce service charges between $200 and $400 for a complete divorce. The prices will vary depending on the state and county of the client’s residence and whether or not children are involved. Local court filing fees are not included and you’ll have to handle that on own, but most filing fees are usually under $100.

The level of service at better online divorce document businesses is quite high. They will review the forms filled out by their clients to make sure they are error-free and correct right down to the size and color of the paper used. After the forms are edited and printed, all that remains is filing them with the court. All U.S. states currently accept divorce forms prepared by online services. If your papers are rejected, the service will usually refund your money or help you re-do the work. A handful of states currently have divorce filing requirements that are significantly more difficult than most and as a result some online preparation services do not offer divorce assistance in Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana and New Hampshire. In the states that do feature filing procedures that are a bit friendlier to do-it-yourselfers, an online divorce is a cost-effective way to get the job done while retaining as much privacy and dignity as is possible.

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