In my divorce I have to pay medical and dental. Do I have to pay for orthodontics too?

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In my divorce I have to pay medical and dental. I was wondering since it doesnt state orthodontics do I have to pay that too?



The state of Alabama Rule 32 of Judicial Administration regarding additional awards for child support states that “In addition to the recommended child support order, the court may make additional awards for extraordinary medical, dental, and educational expenses if the parties have in writing agreed to such awards or the court, upon reviewing the evidence, determines that such awards are in the best interest of the children and states its reasons for making such additional awards.
The legal language translates to this: if the court says you must pay a child’s dental (orthodontic) expenses, you must pay them. If the stipulation is not written into the original agreement, a judge will decide based upon the best interests of the child and in most cases that will mean completing any medical or dental work the child needs.
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