The Other Woman: Jesse James’ Mistress Speaks Her Mind

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Everyone in the nation knows that America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock picked a bad boy biker for a husband and that he was a bit less than faithful to his matrimonial vows. Jesse James’s indiscretions seemed all the more outrageous when it was revealed that the “other woman” in his life was a multi-tattooed, ex-stripper that played the role of devil-ess to Sandra’s angel-like public persona. Like a man making a choice between heaven and hell, Jesse’s girls could not have appeared to be more different. Sandra Bullock enjoys a reputation for being successful, smart and wholesome. Her tattooed nemesis appeared to have come up from the depths of political incorrectness. When photographs of Michelle “Bombshell” McGee posing in a photo shoot with guns and swastikas appeared in the press, the contrast between the two could not have been more marked. Judging from the photos alone, it appeared to be a classic case of Good Girl versus Bad Girl, and public opinion quickly lined up behind Ms. Bullock.

Now the other woman has decided to speak out on her affair with Jesse James, and she claims she is not the villain America has made her out to be. Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee sat down with KTLA reporter Wendy Burch to tell her side of the story and remind us that she was not Mr. James’ only partner in crime. So far, four other women have emerged claiming they also had affairs with Jesse James during his marriage to Bullock.

The five-foot-five Michelle McGee is a resident of San Diego, California who has earned her living mostly as a model and stripper. Michelle says it all started when she sent a MySpace message and photos to James’ West Coast Choppers business because she wanted a chance to model with his custom motorcycle creations. Michelle said she was very surprised when Jesse James returned the MySpace message personally with an invitation to meet James face-to-face at his shop.

Michelle said she got along with James instantly and that “It was chemistry, definitely chemistry. He’s a really cute guy, really charming. He was easy to like.” She added “”It was very casual, in his office, like really no flirting, getting to know each other, more like friends, until he said ‘Sit on the couch, let’s watch a movie.'”

Michelle said she knew at the time that James was married to Sandra Bullock and asked him “Aren’t you married to Sandra Bullock?” As Michelle tells the tale, James responded with “No, we’re separated. She lives in Austin, I live here. We’re no longer together. She’s out filming a movie. I’m not allowed to discuss it.”

“He looked me in the face, dead on, and told me he was separated,” said Michelle. “I guess I should have a piece of paper next time that says ‘I’m separated.’ But I believed him 100 percent.” Their affair began in April last year, when Sandra was filming a movie in Atlanta, Georgia.

Michelle says she believed that she was working toward becoming Jesse’s full-time girlfriend and stated “I think it was working toward that way. I believed I was in a relationship. We hung out constantly at West Coast Choppers.” She added that she further believed Jesse was actually separated from Sandra because she and Jesse were together in Long Beach as they watched Sandra on the MTV Movie Awards show last May. Michelle recalled the scene, “We watched her on the awards. That’s why the idea of their separation made sense to me. But it was kind of odd that I was watching her on TV. I was like, ‘This is kind of weird.”

Michelle admits that James may have pulled a fast one on her. “I never dated a celebrity like that before. I thought ‘Okay, I guess maybe that’s how they do it in Hollywood. It made sense to me. He seemed very sincere.” But the sincerity did not last long apparently, and the affair began to fade quickly after the pair met one final time last June aboard the Queen Mary. James’ business took him out of the country shortly afterward and the pair never met in person again. James did continue to send text messages and emails to Michelle, but the affair was over.

Despite the way she has been presented in the press, the “other woman” in Sandra Bullock’s husband’s life is claiming that like Sandra herself, she too, was an innocent victim of James’ calculated deception. Now all that remains is what the rest of James’ list of mistresses will have to say, if they do say anything at all. Today, it looks like the girls might be fairly blameless, even if one of them does have a lot of tattoos. Right now, it is Jesse James that appears to be living up to the role of his Wild-West namesake as an outlaw and a villain.


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