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I was married in Jamaica could I file for my divorce in florida?  I married a Jamaican on September 1,2008 he left my home on or around Steptember 20,2008 I have not heard or seen my husband since. I want to resolve this asap and as in expensive as possible. I tried to end it soon after he left, but was told by my clerk of courts I would have to pay 400 + dollars at that time I believe I could have been eligible for an annulment. Help please I need some advise. This man has a passport where he comes to the United States every year I just dont want him to get a green card on my behalf and we have not been on seen each other in almost a year.



Many people are divorced in a state different from the state or country that the marriage took place. The issue is whether or not the state that you would like to file in has what is called jurisdiction. A state has “jurisdiction” when both spouses live in the state for a specific amount of time. The time depends upon the state, but in many states it is a minimum of six months. Check with an attorney in Florida to see what the residency or jurisdiction requirements are. If you and your spouse have lived in Florida long enough, the fact that you married in Jamaica probably won’t matter.

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