Prenup Requests Increase

Aug 8, 2012 by

There are a lot of different sources of information on marriage, divorce and other family issues in the United States today and the data they deliver can often be viewed in several ways, but one of the most invested groups to study American families has to be the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). The organization is composed of 1,600 matrimonial attorneys across the country that are committed to improving all aspects of matrimonial law. As practicing attorneys, Academy members are close to the issues and the people affected by them.

As a result, surveys of member attorneys in the Academy can be quite revealing as to trends at the local level concerning marriage, divorce, prenups, separation, annulment, custody, property division and spousal support. A new Academy survey has just been released showing that all the celebrity divorce activity in the news lately must be affecting the general public because 73% of divorce attorneys participating in the survey cited an increase in the creation of prenuptial agreements for their clients over the past five years. Ten years ago prenups were nearly unheard of. Today, prenuptial agreement requests are becoming a generally accepted way to protect assets for both genders at any age.  

The AAML survey also showed that over half of the requests for prenups were made by women and about a third of the attorneys surveyed also saw an increase in requests to include other benefits like pensions and retirement accounts in the prenuptial agreements. With more people getting married at later ages, they are thinking more about protecting their assets if a marriage ends in divorce. Judging from the increase in the number of prenup requests, quite a few people think there is a high probability that their marriages will end in divorce and they are taking steps to address the situation. In a weak economic climate, the financial issues surrounding marriage and divorce will continue to be of prime importance.


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