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I have been married for 24yrs but we have been seperated for some time now, she has a boyfriend that she lives with and they have a son who is four. we have three boys together. 23,17,and14. that i have had for the last five years. my live in girlfriend and i have takin care of the boys together fro almost three years now. my question is about alimony. will i have to pay? i dont get child suport and wont even file for it. and i still help her out when she needs it. shhh dont let the girl friend know. but i still love and feel sorry for her thats why i still help her out. thank you for your time. (TX)



If I understand you correctly, you are not divorced and have not filed for divorce. If that is the case, your wife can not get alimony from you. Child support is not an issue because the boys live with you. However, even if you were divorced, it is very unlikely that your (ex)-wife would be entitled to spousal support. Under Texas laws, spouses are almost never entitled to support absent certain rare exceptions. Generally speaking, a spouse in Texas could only get support if they could PROVE that they were unemployable. – Wendy Jaffe, ESQ.

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