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 My wife and i have been separated since 2007. No contact with eachother since then and I don’t know where she is. What can I do as far as divorcing her?

My husband and I separated and he bought a new house under his name and is not paying house payments will I incur his debt?

How long do you have to service Divorce Petition Papers once they were approved by the courts in the state of Maryland?

How do I get divorced when I can’t afford to pay, I am a mother of 2 and don’t work.

I want to divorce my wife. But I won’t do it if she is going to get anything. How will I know what I am going to lose. 

Can you go back and re-negotiate after the divorce has been finalized in California?

If I qualify for half of my husbands pension can I file on my own? do I have to have a lawyer?

I was married in Jamaica could I file for my divorce in florida?

How can I find out if my x has filed for divorce?

If I file for a separation, but living in same house am i responsible for any debt she might run up after filing date?

I have decided to get a divorce so how do I start the process?- Caroline

What is the difference between separation and divorce?- Matt 

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