Divorcing if wife lives in U.S. and husband lives in South America

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My wife and I were living in Venezuela for several years. my wife decided to call it quits (we had been married for 22 years) and returned to the U.S., to the state of Oregon where we were originally married. At this point, I have no intention of returning to the U.S. How do we obtain the least expensive divorce that is legally recognized by Oregon. Our children are grown and live on their own, we do have credit card debt in the U.S. and almost no property. My wife is willing to “deal” with the debt by filing a bankruptcy and we are mutually in agreement about dissolving the marriage without a fight.



If your wife has been in Oregon for at least 6 months, she has residency and can file a no-fault divorce on her own. The absolute cheapest way to do it would probably be to obtain and complete the necessary Oregon paperwork yourself. You should be able to get Oregon-specific online forms at U.S. Legal Forms. You might want to have your wife at least consult with a divorce attorney in Oregon if you have concerns about debt or property division.

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