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There are many reasons that could cause relationships to fail for married couples or couples about to be married. Communication problems are often the beginning of trouble and if a couple has problems talking to each other before a marriage, the problems will probably get worse over time. A healthy relationship is one where both partners are able to discuss the various aspects of married life openly and on a regular basis. Marriages and relationships without good communication usually do not last very long, especially when one spouse’s personality is causing the communication problems. Some people have personality traits that can make them incompatible and unable to communicate over issues concerning sex, intellect and emotion. A compulsive personality with the need to please or belittle can make honest communication impossible as well.

Negative personality traits can make long-term relationships difficult at best. Just as the inability to share realistic expectations about the marriage relationship itself can also make divorce a real possibility. Disillusionment sets in when expectations are not met and create enough dissatisfaction to make meaningful compromise impossible. Of course, relationship problems with children, parents, in-laws, siblings and step-children can all be sources of relationship dissatisfaction just as some relationships with friends can be harmful to a marriage if they insert themselves between spouses and try to break a marriage apart. Problems with family and friends can often cause minor differences to become major problems and lead to an eventual breakup.

Obviously, strain on a marriage due to abuse or addiction problems can also break up an otherwise strong relationship. Even without the presence of physical or verbal abuse, all forms of addiction are very detrimental to a marriage relationship. Abuse of any kind is never acceptable in a marriage however, and physical and verbal abuse will cause any relationship to fail in time. Many people who are married to an addict will terminate a marriage because they think it is the only way to prevent complete financial ruin. The sad part in many cases is that a marriage can be good apart from the one spouse’s addiction problems.

Drug, alcohol and gambling abuse can make normal married life impossible and it can cause money problems in a marriage as well. In fact, financial problems and the lack of open communication about money will always jeopardize a marriage. How a couple deals with financial issues can make or break a relationship. Aside from cash lost to addictions, the stress of living on a tight income alone can cause a divorce. Although typically, living on a tight budget alone usually does not cause a couple to split by itself. Marriage relationships are usually better when household incomes are stable as both the extreme highs and lows can be devastating to relationships. Relationships can have a difficult time when they have to weather financial peaks and valleys constantly. In the current weakened economy, money problems might be the single biggest issue many marriages in the U.S. face today. Unfortunately, there is no instant solution to the poor economy or relationship problems in sight and most relationships will either endure or fail based on the ability of both spouses to adapt to the reality of ongoing economic uncertainty.


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