Sandra Bullock Cancels Divorce?

Aug 8, 2012 by

Multiple news sources jumped to conclusions last week when they discovered that Sandra Bullock’s errant ex-hubby-to-be was relocating his family from California to Austin, Texas where Bullock just happens to reside.

The tabloids and celebrity sites took Jesse James’ moving plans to mean that Ms. Bullock was considering taking him back. Many carried the same story and they all seemed to go something like this; “….Bullock puts divorce plans on hold after forgiving husband Jesse James!”  To make an error even more incorrect, most sources also ran with the “reason” Bullock was taking James back and reported that “…her change of heart stemmed from the joy she experienced in New Orleans with her newly adopted baby, Louis.” A foreign news site even reported that “a pal” had said “I think she has forgiven Jesse.”

Given the public’s overwhelming negative feelings toward Jesse James for cheating on “America’s sweetheart,” the general reaction to the news that the couple was reuniting was far from approval. The comments sections of most news sites on the Web were quickly filled with readers pleading with Sandra to not take him back. “Don’t do it!” was the common response.

Now that the dust has settled a bit, Sandra’s fans can take a deep breath and relax because the whole scenario is false, Polly Purebred will not be sharing her kennel with the Stray Mongrel anytime soon. Now the storyline seems to be that “an insider” has said that Bullock definitely does not intend on getting back together with Jesse James, and that “They are on speaking terms and they are cordial,” but that is the extent of it. Sandra Bullock’s agent also told a news outlet that the couple’s “divorce is on schedule” and there will be no attempts at reconciliation.

Observers and relationship experts now say that since Sandra is no longer giving James the silent treatment, it is a clear sign that she’s completely over him. Since most of the country is “over him” too, the news that the divorce is still on has been met with near unanimous approval.


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