Sandra’s Secret Divorce Papers

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You see celebrity divorces in the news every day and covering the break-ups of the rich and famous has become a big business. There is an army of investigative reporters and photographers working around the clock to deliver the dirt. With divorce documents open to scrutiny in every courthouse across the nation, the timing and details of almost every divorce are a matter of public record these days. The press knows when a celebrity files for a divorce almost as quickly as the spurned spouse does. That is, unless you’re Sandra Bullock.

Despite being the center of non-stop media attention since the details of her husband’s adultery first broke, the Oscar-winning actress was able to keep the details of her divorce petition filing from leaking to the press for over a week.

Bullock had said she was through with husband Jesse James and continuing on as a single mom with her adopted son in a recent issue of People magazine. That news led reporters to dig deep and eventually discover that Sandra had formally filed a divorce petition a week earlier on April 23rd. in Austin, Texas where she maintains a home.

Bullock was able to throw the press off the trail temporarily by not filing her divorce papers under her own name. The petition was filed using her initials backward as “B.A.S.” and referring to husband Jesse Gregory James as “J.J.G.” James’ adultery is not specifically listed in the document because the petition calls for a no-fault divorce.

Under Texas law, there will be no alimony and all shared assets could be split down the middle. The petition states that the couple has “ceased to live together as husband and wife” and that “The marriage between Petitioner and Respondent has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectations of reconciliation.”

Some rep[orts say Sandra has plans to move to New Orleans and raise her newly adopted son in his native city. For now, the actress has moved back into the Hollywood home where she lived prior to marrying James. The Long Beach, California house where she and James lived during their 5-year marriage is up for sale with an asking price of $5.9 million.

Jesse James has been spotted back in California after completing treatment for sex addiction in Arizona, but it is rumored he has no supporters and may never work in Hollywood again. Because of the way he treated America’s unofficial big-screen sweetheart, James may find job offers scarce in the future.


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