Secrets To Love Addresses the Marriage Controversy!

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President Barack Obama stated in his book “Audacity of Hope” that there is preliminary evidence that “Marriage education workshops can make a real difference in helping married couples stay together…” Yet, today there is a growing controversy about whether or not the Federal government should spend money to support healthy marriages. Some critics think the government has no business supporting marriage at all, while others say the money should be spent on more pressing issues. Now viewers in Florida will have the opportunity to consider firsthand the importance of assisting couples to have healthy marriages through the award-winning documentary “Secrets To Love.” The film will be screening at the Gasperilla International Film Festival in Tampa from February 26 through March 7, 2009, and the Women’s International Film Festival in Miami from February 27 through March 9, 2009.

The film covers topics including the importance of healthy relationships, what happens when marriage doesn’t go as planned and how divorce can be costly, both to families and society. The “Secrets To Love” documentary, featuring actress and author Robin Givens plus some of the most highly-regarded love experts in the country, divulges these truths and a lot more. For just over an hour, the audience hitches a ride with a recent divorcee on her journey to find answers to love questions many people ask and follows the marriages of four couples as they struggle in their relationship. Their poignant stories, along with the wisdom of leading Marriage Educators, reveal secrets that will open many eyes and strengthen many relationships.

The award-winning documentary film is supported by the California Healthy Marriages Coalition and is being used by healthy marriage initiatives around the country as an educational tool in their public awareness campaigns about healthy relationships. Director Tracie Donahue was a housewife that dabbled in film until she went through a devastating divorce that left her and her three children destitute. Donahue went back to college, finished her degree in Journalism and launched her own production company with a burning desire to create a film that helped answer questions that had blind-sided her marriage. The resulting film, “Secrets To Love”, has now captured the prestigious Indie Award of Merit.

Source: California Healthy Marriages Coalition

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