Ex-husband stopped paying court-ordered spousal support. How do I collect?

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My ex-husband decided to stop paying the court-ordered spousal support. How do I collect $5700.00 arrears and make sure I receive future support payments as ordered by the court? (Calif)



Go back to the court and notify them of the non-payment of court-ordered support payments. Your husband is in contempt of court at this point and there are specific remedies for the situation, like jail time and fines above and beyond what he already owes. There is no justification for not following the orders of the court. If your husband thought making payments was costly, he just made the situation far more expensive than it was. – The Divorce.com Team Wendy Jaffe and Divorce.com can only provide general information about divorce. DO NOT RELY ON MS. JAFFE’S ADVICE ALONE. Before acting on information provided by Ms. Jaffe or by Divorce.com, talk to an attorney first about your particular facts and the law of your state. By submitting your question to Divorce.com, you are not creating an attorney/client relationship with Ms. Jaffe or with any of the other attorneys listed on this site.

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