The Squeaky Wheel: Divorce from a Child’s Perspective

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According to The Child Advocate, “Divorce is an intensely stressful experience for all children, regardless of age or developmental level; many children are inadequately prepared for the impending divorce by their parents.” Award-winning author Robert Kimmel Smith takes a close look at this painful topic from a child’s perspective in his young adult novel “The Squeaky Wheel” (published by iUniverse), now an Authors Guild edition.

When eleven-year-old Mark Baker discovers that his parents are divorcing, his world is turned upside down. Any child going through this situation in his or her own home will understand Mark’s worries: Where will I live? Will I have to move? Is it my fault? Robert Kimmel Smith explores the angry and frustrating territory of a child trapped in a war between two people who happen to be his parents. Remaining close to both has its challenges, especially when it’s apparent that Mom and Dad have moved on in their lives.

After witnessing the fallout of the marriage of two friends and how it affected their children, the author wanted to show the realistic aspects of divorce from a child’s point of view. After all, where are their rights? Protagonist Mark realizes that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” and learns that unless he finds the courage to confront how his life has been upturned, things will quite likely get worse. Implementing understanding, compassion, and humor, while being non-judgmental, Robert Kimmel Smith has created a story for young adults that gives them a voice and offers a fresh look at the disturbing aspects of divorce.

About the Author

Robert Kimmel Smith is the multi-award winning author of many popular novels for children. His books include “Chocolate Fever,” “The War with Grandpa,” “Jelly Belly” and others. “The Squeaky Wheel” is an Authors Guild edition and is his eleventh book. Born and raised in Brooklyn, the author, who began writing fiction in 1970 after having written advertising, now lives and works in New York City and is available for interviews. To find out more about the author go to

“The Squeaky Wheel” is available from:,, and ISBN: 978059522033 – 6 x 9 – Paperback – 196 pages – $14.95

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