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Starting your divorce means understanding the rules of the divorce procedure according to the state you live in. You will have important decisions to make and will need to understand how the process works. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get started and divorce your spouse without completely losing your assets in the process. You can locate a qualified divorce lawyer in your area that is familiar with the laws where you reside, or skip the lawyer and initiate your divorce at home with an online divorce document package covering every aspect of divorce and family law.

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Start Your Divorce Online (Fastest and most affordable option)

Get the documents you need to initiate your divorce from the comfort of your home, without incurring the cost of an attorney, or dealing with lengthy completion and delivery periods. Online document packages are available for most states covering every imaginable aspect of divorce and family law. The simple and inexpensive process provides complete documents with explanations and instructions customized to the state you live in, your children, your income, your assets and other factors in your specific divorce case. Save thousands of dollars in legal fees with this fast and easy process that delivers accurate and up-to-date divorce forms. You can get started right now, there is no faster or easier way to get the job handled correctly.

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Download Divorce Forms

You can’t get married online yet, but you can gather and complete all the forms and documents necessary to file for divorce online. Most states in the U.S. currently accept divorce forms prepared online and you can obtain accurate state-specific forms with complete instructions that will comply with the laws of your own state and county of residence. Most forms are available for downloading in Word format. Free form descriptions, previews and law summaries are also available. You will save money selecting from over 36,000 legal forms and document packages currently available. Use the forms professionals trust!

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Get a Divorce Evaluation

Divorce can drain your bank account, take up all your time and destroy your peace of mind in short order. Evaluating the issues and conditions in your own divorce can help you make better decisions and allow you to take control of the situation instead of the terms being dictated by the court. Speaking with a qualified attorney can encourage compromise and discussion of proposed agreements and often leads to better results for all the parties involved. Whether you have questions about divorce in general or specific questions about your specific divorce, you can get started right now with your divorce evaluation by calling 1-866-368-6844.