Support Systems after Divorce

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Going through a divorce is not the end of your life even though it might be stressful and traumatic. Divorce is not the end of relationships and happiness in your life, it is a temporary situation, and with some support from your family and friends your life will eventually get better.

Divorce has four stages; denial, depression, withdrawal and recovery, and it takes time to work your way thorough each. The passage of time can help sooth savage emotions and gradually allow negative feelings to subside. Depending on how long you were in a married relationship, it can take several years to move beyond the negative effects of the divorce and make a new life for yourself. Some situations can take longer to clear up than others, but with time and support most problems can be resolved.

Many people say that the number one cause of marriage problems is money. Money may make the world go around but a lack of it is a leading cause of divorce. There can be a lot of reasons for a divorce, infidelity, a lack of commitment, job changes, health changes, abuse and a host of other marriage problems all contribute to the divorce totals. They are all also problems that may require professional help to resolve. Some problems are just too large to tackle on your own and the assistance of professional divorce support specialists can make your recovery journey a bit easier to navigate.

Facing the facts and accepting your new single life is far better than negating the experience as if you were unaffected, or making the whole process more painful than it needs to be by wallowing in your misery. People in denial require spend more time in recovery time than those who face the situation head on and get actively involved in making a new life for themselves. It is possible to have a new life of happiness after you work through difficulties of your divorce using the support resources available to you.

Tips for Moving On

It takes two people to marry and two to get divorced and a break-up is not is not entirely your fault. It takes two to bear the responsibility for failure.

You don’t need another relationship right away to make you well again, you can exist alone just fine.

It will take time to be able to trust again and overcome feelings of betrayal.

Don’t make big changes and keep your expectations reasonable and goals attainable.

It is OK to be emotional, just don’t let it go on too long.

Don’t hesitate to utilize the support resources of family, friends and community.


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