Update: Tiger Woods to Remain Celibate During Divorce

Aug 8, 2012 by

Recent reports have surfaced in the Chicago Sun Times and the New York Daily News indicating that Tiger Woods’ divorce is going anything but smoothly and wife Elin Nordegren seems to have upped her demands. In addition to pressure from his wife’s camp, now Woods’ own legal team has told him he can’t date until his divorce is finalized.

Sources had previously said Elin would settle for $500 million and share joint custody of their two children with Woods. It was also reported that Woods had offered to settle in exchange for a lifetime confidentiality clause that would prevent Nordegren from discussing his multiple affairs in the media. Woods’ lawyers apparently believe Elin is building a case against him based on his serial philandering and that Elin’s lawyers are watching his every move. As a result, Woods has been advised to stop adding fuel to the fire and quit dating until the divorce is over.

It appears the couple only speaks to each other through their attorneys now. Elin has increased her demands to a $750 million settlement and wants full custody of couple’s two children, daughter Sam, 3, and son Charlie, 15 months. Other sources reported that the couple might share custody, of but that Nordegren wants permission to take the children to Sweden whenever she wants.


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