Tiger Woods Short on Divorce Cash

Aug 8, 2012 by

Despite nearly universal reports in the media that Tiger Woods’ divorce from wife Elin is going to cost him a cool $750 million and that Elin will also get full custody of couple’s two children, it look like the numbers may be wrong. It has been said that Woods had offered to settle for the exorbitant amount in exchange for a lifetime confidentiality clause that would prevent Nordegren from discussing his multiple affairs in the media.

Various sources are now speculating that Elin will not receive the $750 million figure after all. The reason being that Tiger simply does not have that much cash himself and according to Forbes’ SportsMoney column online, the golfer’s current net worth is somewhere below $600 million. You can’t pay $750 million dollars out if you don’t have it. An earlier prenuptial agreement between the pair had set a figure of $20 million as Elin’s take should the marriage fail. Lawyers for Elin have said the $20 million figure and the terms of the prenup itself do not apply anymore because Tiger’s infidelity voided all previous agreements and leave the door open for whatever settlement amount the pair can agree upon.

A safe bet would be that Elin’s settlement will net her more than the $20 million specified in the prenup, but far less than the $750 million figure that has been tossed around in the press for the last two months. Meanwhile, reporters have staked out the courthouse in Orange County, Florida to see if the couple will actually show up to complete the divorce.


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