Top 15 Signs Your Spouse is Cheating

Aug 8, 2012 by

The first rule of marriage infidelity – if you have a gut feeling something is wrong ““ it probably is.

Common signs of cheating in a marriage:

1. Suspicious cell phone behavior is a common sign of cheating. Has your partner been moving to another room to take calls or whispering on the phone and hanging up quickly? Maybe your spouse set up a separate phone account that is billed to his/her office? Do you get suspicious phone calls where the caller hangs up when they hear your voice? Is your spouse deleting all phone calls from the caller ID history?

2. Your home computer can offer clues like: a constantly deleted Internet browsing history, suspicious email/online chat behavior and incoming e-mails that are always deleted. A spouse who spends a lot of time on the computer after you fall asleep is another bad sign.

3. Clothes that smell of an unfamiliar perfume or cologne didn’t get that way by themselves. Likewise for odd-colored lipstick stains and stray hairs on clothing or car seats.

4. It is most likely not an accident that your spouse has begun to act bored with you, with the kids, with holidays and with life in general. A big change in attitude towards everyone and everything in the home can mean trouble.

5. Does it seem odd that your spouse has a sudden preoccupation with appearance and is spending money on new clothes or new underwear?

6. Your spouse mate is working more hours at work but no extra money makes it into the bank. Deposit amounts are shrinking and there are unfamiliar charges on your credit card. Where is the cash going?

7. Your sex life drops off to nothing and your spouse gets defensive when infidelity or extra-marital affairs are discussed.

8. You catch your spouse coming home without their wedding ring on.

9. Husband buys condoms when wife is on birth control pills.

10. Wife buys birth control pills when husband has a vasectomy.

11. If your spouse acts like they don’t want anything to do with you anymore and you feel you are being avoided, you probably are.

12. Unfortunately, it is not always a good thing when your spouse seems to want new thrills or suddenly wants to try new love techniques. You might be the practice team.

13. If your spouse’s co-workers and friends are obviously uncomfortable in your presence maybe they know something you do not?

14. If it takes your spouse 6 hours to go to the grocery store when it used to take only one, something is amiss.

15. If your spouse picks a fight in order to have a reason to leave the house there is probably an underlying reason behind the deception.


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