Top Ten Ways to Uncover a Cheating Spouse

Aug 8, 2012 by

1. The number one way to catch a cheating spouse may be to simply hire a private investigator that understands the surveillance laws in your area and is familiar with marital infidelity cases.

2. There might be more than just garbage in your trash can. Trash cans are not protected by privacy laws and you never know what you’ll find when you take a close look at what your spouse has thrown away.

3. Check out all the email accounts on your home computers. Be sure to check the “Deleted Items” folders too.

4. Examine all incoming bills for “odd” charges that can yield clues to nefarious activities. All documents arriving in the mail are fair game for spouses living in the same residence.

5. Go online and checkout the member listings at popular dating websites. It is not uncommon for married spouses to be listed as “available singles” on dating or sex sites.

6. “Borrow” your spouse’s cell phone for a while and have it analyzed to extract any compromising text messages that might be lurking in it.

7. Hire a decoy to set a “trap” for your spouse to see if he or she responds to sexual advances from a stranger.

8. Check out the Internet browsing history on any computer your spouse uses. It is easy to determine what a person’s true interests are by looking at the websites they visit regularly.

9. Check out the hard drive on any computer your spouse uses. Make a copy of the entire hard drive contents and take it to a computer specialist for examination. Even the deleted items can be recovered and read in most cases.

10. Make tape recordings of all telephone calls if the practice is legal in your state. Even recordings that are not admissible in court can be used as effective leverage tools in negotiations.


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