Tripling Divorce Parties

Aug 8, 2012 by

Although divorce has generally been considered a social taboo in Japan, the weakened economy there has been taking a toll on marriage relationships in that country and the number of divorces has definitely been on the rise. Along with the growing rate of divorce in Japan came the idea for divorce celebration ceremonies where couples celebrate their divorces as a more positive way to end a marriage than a typically depressing divorce hearing in a courtroom. Now, following the March earthquake and tsunami disasters and the resulting nuclear crisis that continue to plague the country, there is news that the number of divorce parties there have tripled in just the past two months.

Although divorce celebration ceremonies may help divorcing spouses handle the emotional upset of splitting up and moving on with their lives as they celebrate the declaration of their new freedom, it seems more and more married couples in post-tsunami Japan who are shifting their priorities and working to recreate their lives are eager to participate in post-tsunami divorce parties as the first step in their own personal recovery efforts.

Divorce ceremonies in Japan usually feature the same party atmosphere and luxuries that most weddings enjoy The average cost of a divorce celebration ceremony is about $600 and usually includes dinner for the friends and family who gather to watch a couple terminate their married lives together by a ceremony where their wedding rings are smashed flat with an over-sized and decorated divorce hammer. Another popular option includes a ceremonial seating arrangement where the divorcing couple sits back to back at opposing tables as they celebrate their divorce with a gala dinner. Now, following so much disaster and economic upheaval in the tiny island nation, more young married couples are trying to leave the disaster ravaged areas and return to their traditional family homes in rural regions unaffected by the disasters are lining up to hold more friendly divorce ceremonies with hopes of ending their relationships more amicably than just walking away from the marriage.

Considering that most of the world’s economy is in the tank just like Japan’s these days, divorce ceremonies will not be limited to that nation alone and divorce celebrations are becoming more acceptable with both celebrities as well as everyday citizens in the United States now too. The divorce celebrations are catching on in the U.S. a bit slower than they initially did in Japan, but the trend is clear. More unhappy couples are beginning to view the divorce parties as a civilized way to end a marriage and still remain somewhat friendly with their ex-spouses. The divorce celebrations are also seen as a way to maintain existing relationships with friends and family without rocking the boat too much because of the primary relationship termination. If the economic woes of the world continue to grow it is a pretty good bet that the incidence of divorce celebrations might triple here in the United States too.


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